VR headsets get hands-free controls

Media captionWATCH: Leap Motion takes on the VR world

Leap Motion’s precise movement tracking device has long been criticised for being a great idea in need of a practical application.

This may just be it.

The team has created Orion, software which integrates Leap Motion into virtual reality environments.

While the likes of Oculus and HTC’s Vive are experimenting with complex, often clunky controllers for VR – Leap Motion’s tech allows for an accurate reconstruction of your entire hand.

The software has been released to developers today, and works with existing Leap Motion devices that have already been sold.

Leap Motion chief executive Martin Buckwald told the BBC that it was working with all the major VR makers to embed the device within their headsets.

For now, however, the device rests within a little mount attached to the front of the headgear.

The company hopes the tech will pave the way for innovative new user interfaces, as well as just fun.

After much initial excitement a few years back, Leap Motion has failed to capture the imagination of technology users and sales of the $79 device have been modest.

Could this be the company’s killer app?

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