Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend Wants More Children, Will They Adopt More?

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Sandra Bullock is doing well in her personal life after adopting a little girl last year and having a new boyfriend. She’s the mother of two children – Louis, 6, and Laila, 3. Laila was adopted from foster care in late 2015.

Bullock’s photographer boyfriend – Bryan Randall – wants more children, according to a source who spoke with Us magazine. The insider says Randall “has taken on the role of raising the two kids with Sandra” and is “talking about wanting more children.”

Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend is a former model and has a college-age daughter named Skylar. He’s said to be “so in love” with Sandra. He moved into her 7-bedroom home last fall.

According to the source, Sandra’s man is in this for the long haul. He “went so far as to quit cigarettes cold turkey,” says the insider. “That’s huge — he was a chain-smoker!”

Bullock and Randall love staying at home with Louis and Laila. A source said back in September that they two of them are “total homebodies” and that “Sandra is a great mom” and “very attentive.”

To hear the source tell it, Bryan Randall is so good with the kids, that he’s a “child whisperer” because there hasn’t been a child that doesn’t like him.

In an interview with Yahoo U.K. last year, Sandra Bullock said she couldn’t envision herself marrying again, but wants to be with someone that shares laughter and quality family time. She did mention that she wants someone to take care of her since she likes to take care of those she loves.

“I’m not that selfless. I’m always hoping that someone will eventually take care of me since I take care of them,” Bullock said.

Will Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall have more children – or eventually get married even if Sandra said she didn’t want to walk down the aisle again?

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