Kim Kardashian Fed Up With Kanye West’s Twitter Rants

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is growing sick and tired of Kanye West’s Twitter rants. The rapper has been unleashing some unbelievable Twitter posts since last Thursday and his wife is said to be at the end of her rope over it.

A source tells People that Kanye’s explosive and heated Twitter rants are wearing on his wife. He’s already sparked feuds with Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift, and “white publications.”

“Kim is a very supportive wife” and “rarely complains,” a source tells People. The insider said Kardashian is all for self-promotion and is very level-headed about her husband’s social media activity until it gets out-of-control like it is now with so much negative drama going on.

“What causes friction in the marriage, however, is Kanye’s compulsive tweeting. Kim can’t stand it. She is all for self-promotion, but doesn’t approve of Twitter drama,” the source said.

Kim wasn’t too happy with Kanye when the Amber Rose drama was going on and made peace with Rose herself after the fracas.

“Kim is a mom and wants to be a role model. She doesn’t want to be involved in ridiculous drama.” (Shortly afterwards, the two rappers went on to settle their differences, too.)

When it comes to how Kim Kardashian feels about Kanye West’s lyrics referencing Taylor Swift on his newest album that he “made that b***h famous,” the source said that Kim “doesn’t care about his song lyrics.”

The insider goes on to say that the Kanye wanted this album, Life of Pablo, to get a lot of attention and that’s exactly what it’s getting.

Despite all the rumors that it’s possible Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might get a divorce, the source says that “their marriage seems fine.”

“Kanye has been very busy, and Kim is very understanding. Kanye is great when he is around.”


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