Why Hasn’t Instagram Banned The ‘Nude Yoga Girl’ Account? Here Are A Few Possible ‘Tasteful’ Reasons

'Nude Yoga Girl'

We’ve seen them all before; yoga and nude pictures are nothing new. One would think that due to Instagram’s strict policy on nudity, users wouldn’t see the pair together — but not for this one woman. In fact, many are wondering why Instagram hasn’t banned a particular account over the apparent violation.

Perhaps, you’ve seen black and white images of a nude woman in various yoga poses on Instagram. She’s only known as @Nude_YogaGirl and keeps her identity anonymous, for obvious reasons. The images speak for themselves, and the slogan tells the rest of the story behind the naked yoga pictures.

“You are beautiful exactly the way you are. Everything by me.”

The account cropped up months ago, and NY Mag‘s The Cut carried a story about the 25-year-old woman. Reportedly, she’s a photographer and model who does yoga in the buff — albeit tastefully.

The nude yoga pictures on the woman’s Instagram account are void of backgrounds and awe-inspiring scenery that are typically the backdrops of traditional yoga pics. But according to her slogan, that’s the point and focus of her nude art: she wants to evoke feelings of body confidence and send low self-esteem packing.

Click for an assortment of images from the user’s Instagram account. 

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