‘The Fosters’ Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: The Long Battle

The Foster Family

Last night’s episode of The Fosters proved that the series found its groove again. The second half of season 3 may be the show’s strongest set of episodes since the first ten.

Mamas Drama

Stef prepares for her surgery. She gives Sharon power of attorney. Meanwhile, a school rumor starts about Monte and Lena having an affair. Later, Lena breaks down in front of Monte, and then Stef sees it.

This disrupts her plans to tell Lena how she gave Sharon the power of attorney, so Lena hears it from Sharon herself. Later, Stef confesses that she worries that Lena will leave her for Monte because her body won’t be the same with the mastectomy.

Lena then tells Stef everything that she loves about her that goes beyond her body. The mothers then tell the children everything. Later, the moms sneak into their neighbor’s swimming pool and rekindle their romance.

A Girl Named Cortney

Cortney and Brandon continue to grow closer, especially when he volunteers to help her do inventory. They almost kiss during this after-hours bonding session. Cortney pulls away to tell Brandon that he isn’t over his ex.

Later, a random encounter with Callie makes him try harder to get over her. He walks to work to confess to Cortney that she may be his true Juliet. They almost kiss again until he sees a car seat in her car. When she said things were complicated, she didn’t just mean with him. She has a child. She lets Brandon take some time to consider how much complication he needs right now.

Callie repeatedly tries to see AJ but he won’t let Mike or her see him. Finally, she seeks out TY to ask him to grant AJ permission to accept his new foster family. Meanwhile, Callie gets a new distraction in the form of Jack.

The Fosters-Jack

Justina uses Fost and Found to track Callie’s catfish to Jude’s computer. She confronts Jack about it, and then he admits everything. He also confesses that he went to the coffee shop to tell her the truth but he saw her with Rafael and freaked out. As Jack tries to retreat the awkward conversation, Jude enters the room, and then Callie and he notice that Jack is bleeding.

He admits that the other kids at the group home have been beating him up. Callie then asks Justina for help. Later, Jack gets so beat up that they break his arm. He uses this as leverage to get a better room and more protection. He won’t report the home now. Callie tries to make him do it for other kids, but he knows if he confesses and moves, they’ll just put him in a similar situation. At least with this one, he gains some power.

During this storyline, Justina continues to show sketchy behavior. She talks about monitoring what content shows up on Fost and Found, which may mean she’s secretly working to silence the stories of abuse in the foster system. She also talks about seeing the post mentioning Callie having sex with her foster brother.


Jesus continues to get to know Gabe and their bond grows stronger. One day, Jesus finally confesses to Gabe that he is his son. Gabe freaks out and says that he is not allowed to be around him legally.

Later, Mariana looks it up and Gabe was convicted of a sex crime long ago. He is now a registered sex offender.

Mariana gets invited to be the chair of the honor board. She helps determine student’s punishments.

Nick asks Mariana out, but she later finds out that it might have been a plan to get a lesser punishment. Angered by his deceit, Mariana makes sure to give him a more intense punishment. Much later, Nick stops his punishment to run up to her and talk.

He tells her that he does really like her and still wants to go out. She gives him a maybe answer to his date request.


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