Clippers Have No Intention Of Moving Blake Griffin Without Monster Return

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is the biggest name on the trading block. However, the Los Angeles Clippers aren’t serious about trading him unless the return is huge. Like Kevin Durant huge. 

“It’d take a monster offer to pry him away before the draft, but the ground is trembling,” according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe

“If the opportunity comes to move Blake Griffin and replace him with Durant, the Clippers won’t hesitate, sources said,” Adrian Wojnarowski reports

Durant isn’t currently available. 

The Clippers are reportedly listening to offers for Griffin but they have “no real intention” of letting go just yet. With that said, Doc Rivers isn’t picking up the phone for fun. Griffin is touchable but Rivers wants a Prom King for his Prom King. 

On Monday, ESPN reported the Clippers offered the Denver Nuggets both Griffin and Lance Stephenson for four of their starting five. 

The Clippers deny the proposal. The trade would have put their roster at 16. The limit is 15. If true, the Clippers were planning a complete midseason roster change up.

The OC Register reports the trade rumor is false. 

“One hundred percent not true,” according to one executive involved in any trade discussions. Clippers coach Doc Rivers has also been vocal, saying the team isn’t trading Griffin.

With that said, Rivers has no interest in revealing his plans. It’s going to be difficult enough for Griffin to walk back into the locker room and the Staples Center without the trade rumors. Griffin is currently recovering from a broken hand after hitting his assistant equipment manager several times during a public fight. If his camp becomes involved in discussions, it adds to the awkwardness if he doesn’t get traded. He might decide he doesn’t want to play somewhere he isn’t wanted and ask for a trade. 

The NBA trade deadline falls on Thursday afternoon. 

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