Changes to BBC Sport’s indexes

New responsive

We have launched new test versions of our main sports homepage and the football page as part of our work to provide you with a more consistent experience whether you are on a computer, tablet or mobile.

The pages have been launched following the changes to the rest of the BBC Sport website.

On desktop and laptops, the test versions are wider than the old design to make the most of the dimensions of modern computer screens.

We have also launched new index designs for our coverage from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of this process.

All of these pages have links to surveys, and your responses to them will help us shape any further changes to the designs.

You can read more about the process behind the new designs here.

Below we answer the most common questions relating to the new pages.

Why have you made these changes?

We are completing the process of switching BBC Sport over to a responsive design – this means pages adapt automatically to the screen size of the device you are looking at it on.

This move will allow us to provide the same content irrespective of the device a user is looking at the site on, giving visitors the best experience no matter how they are looking at the site.

It will also cut down on the extra production effort needed to maintain separate indexes for both the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

What improvements are there in the new versions of the indexes?

The differences will be most apparent to visitors of the desktop site: the biggest being that, while previously many stories were shown as part of a list of headlines, now more of the content has an accompanying image and stories are more spaced out on the page.

The new layouts are designed to take account of the wider screens used by desktop computers, allowing us to present a richer experience for you as you visit the main sport and football indexes.

They also feature new scores and league tables, designed to provide the same experience you can find in our coverage elsewhere on the site.

Our Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland indexes have also changed, to reflect the new designs brought in elsewhere on BBC Sport in recent weeks.

Has the content changed?

No. We will still cover these sports in the same way.

The new designs will ensure the same content is available on all devices, whereas previously some items only appeared on larger screens.

What other parts of the site use new designs?

Although the new designs we are testing are unique to the main sport and football indexes, we have already made most of our indexes responsive across BBC Sport over the last few months, with your feedback helping to shape the work that has been done.

We have also switched across all the story and video pages on the website, and have used responsive pages for our live events, such as Saturday football commentaries, Test cricket and Wimbledon since last year, so you may well have experienced these changes already.

Can I give my feedback?

We welcome all feedback on the new design – simply fill in the survey which is available on the indexes.


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