‘The Good Wife’: Creators Robert & Michelle King Talk Ending The Series

The Good Wife

Tonight begins the end of The Good Wife, as the CBS drama airs the first of what we now know will be its final nine episodes. Series co-creators and showrunners Robert and Michelle King spoke to reporters recently to discuss why they stuck to their original plan of ending the series after seven seasons.

They also teased what might be ahead and whether or not any fan favorites might come back to visit Alicia (Julianna Margulies) before the series finale airs on Sunday, May 8.

“We started the show back in 2009 with the idea that it would only go 13 episodes because that was the only thing we had ever done before that,” Robert said in explaining where the seven-season plan came from.

“We really had no thought beyond what those 13 episodes would do. And if you go back to the first season and watch the first 13 episodes, it kind of tells a complete story of a husband who goes to jail, the wife who moves on and then him coming back again.

“Once we were picked up by the lovely people at CBS we had to think ahead, and that’s when we started thinking in terms of what was the full story we wanted to tell and for how long we would want to tell it,” he continued.

“Having come from movies before this it was always thinking in terms of what is the beginning, the middle and the end of a show that could go on years. And we pretty quickly thought that the show and the story of Alicia Florrick, could only support seven years, so we started to build towards that.”

What are some of the storylines that they’re hoping to address in the remaining episodes?

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