Loved ‘Deadpool’? Here’s 5 More R-Rated Comic Book Movies To Watch

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, with Colossus

Deadpool smashed all sorts of records, which is even more impressive since it’s rated R. That means most of the main audience for comic book movies, kids, wasn’t even allowed to see it. If you like your comic book movies bloody and crude, you don’t have to wait until Deadpool 2 to get your fix. There’ve been a bunch of R-rated comic book movies before Deadpool made it cool. They didn’t enjoy the success Deadpool has but maybe now they can get the love they deserve.

5) Punisher: War Zone – By the third Punisher movie, it seems like Marvel just said “F*** it” and made the most graphic, bloody movie possible. The Punisher is a morally ambiguous character. His revenge on criminals can be worse than the crimes they even committed. This is the only movie to really embrace the excess of The Punisher. I don’t want to spoil the movie’s outrageous kills. You’ve got to see them.

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