Long Lost Dog Reunited With Family: Shih Tzu’s Microchip Credited With Linking Canine With Owners After One Year

Texas Woman Reunites With Lost Dog

A Texas family could not be happier after being reunited with their dog after more than a year.

In 2014, a dog living in Washington D.C. found a way out of his owners’ yard and got lost in the process. The owners, a woman, named Alicia McIntosh and her family, searched for the dog, but never found him, according to a WTOP report.

“[I] started crying. I called everyone I knew.”

Eventually, the family moved to Texas while thinking they would never see their adored pet again. However, after a year the canine went missing, the family located their beloved companion.

In July 2016, the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center picked up the stray dog, a Shih Tzu breed named Corey. As a routine procedure, he was scanned for a microchip at the group’s facility. Luckily, staff detected one.

After obtaining information from the chip, the adoption center contacted Alicia through email to alert her that they have found her dog. Thankfully, he was alive and in good health. As soon as Alicia and her family learned that Corey was found, they made plans to reunite with Corey.

On February 1, 2016, despite some problems with planning her flight, Alicia took a flight to meet the dog. In a video posted on YouTube, Alicia states she was overjoyed after receiving the email.

For the happy reunion, the guest of honor received new pet clothes and even a celebratory cake, Additionally, there was more fun for Corey to have back in Texas. Alicia’s mother, father and other family members were on hand for their reunion with the dog.

Check out the video below of another dog reunited with its owner after four years.


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