How Kim Fields Is Setting The Record Straight About Her Marriage

Kim Fields

Kim Fields was a big part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, as she got to direct her first commercial for Cynthia Bailey. The two ladies had agreed to pair up for this commercial and Kim came alive when she got to direct the commercial with her co-stars. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she got the footage they needed. But another issue surfaced about Kim’s husband. According to a new tweet, Kim Fields is now hinting that she and her husband are doing just fine – and he’s not gay.

Yesterday, Fields celebrated Valentine’s Day and she posted a picture of herself and her husband, writing that she’s so blessed that he found her. The two have two children together. While Kim was with her husband, Kenya Moore decided to question the other ladies about Kim’s husband. 

“I know y’all have heard the rumors,” Kenya Moore revealed, adding, “They call him Christie! I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I worked with her when she was on Living Single, honey, and I’m not talking about Three’s Company.” 

“I don’t think it’s right for us to talk about Kim or her husband and she’s not here to defend him,” Sheree told the cameras. “If he wants to be with boys on weekends and come back during the week and be a family man, then that is his business.” Next week, Sheree will question Kim Fields about her marriage. But on Twitter, she decided to share her love with everyone. In addition, she completely ignored the gay rumors.

Fields gets very angry when she hears of the rumors next week, according to the preview that Bravo showed for next week’s episode. It is clear that she isn’t happy with her co-stars.

What is your take on Kim Fields’ marriage?


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