Jodi Arias Loses ‘Contact Visit Privileges’ After Making Vulgar Remark To Correctional Officer

jodi arias

Jodi Arias lost her “contact visit privileges” after making a vulgar remark to a correctional officer. A report from the Arizona Department of Corrections shows that Arias was disrespectful to a prison staff member on Feb. 3.

ABC 15 reports that Arias has lost her visitation privileges for 200 days when she called an officer a “c*** blocker.” The officer said Jodi Arias made the comment to another officer while she was making a call. According to the woman who’s serving a life sentence for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, the remark was taken out of context.

Arias claimed that she hears “other inmates talk that way all the time and figured it was ok.”

Radaronline obtained legal documents from the incident that stated Arias was making a phone call when she had requested a haircut, but the request was denied by a guard. According to the report, Arias was told of the officer’s decision, and she then said to another officer, who had informed her of the denial, that she “knew she would say no” because “she’s a c*** blocker.”

Jodi Arias was confronted about the remark, insisting she “did not know that word to mean anything sexual” and that the officer should look the term up in the Urban Dictionary “because that would show it means to ‘stonewall someone.'”

The investigation was completed on Feb. 9. According to the legal documents, it read: “Inmate claims she hears other inmates talk that way all the time and figured it was okay. Inmate was advised that conduct was not to be expected and she should act on her own not how others do. Based on her comfort level of making statements that are inappropriate while staff and other inmates are around about an administrator she is guilty.”

Andrew Wilder with the Arizona Department of Corrections, said Jodi will have to demonstrate at least 180 days of good behavior before she’s allowed to see visitors again.

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