Chrissy Teigen Used To Use Toilet Paper As Fake Bump-Its

chrissy tiegen

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen reveals some old hair tricks she used to use as news comes she’s partnering with TRESemmé to launch their “Beauty-Full Volume Collection.”

With Teigen’s new business partnership, a new revolutionary approach to haircare is unveiled – she recommends using conditioner first, and then shampoo!

Chrissy Teigen interviewed with People magazine about the new way of hair regimen. She admits that volumizing shampoos have “always make my hair a little bit heavy,” and was skeptical of the notion that conditioning is best before shampooing.

“It did take me a minute to do the whole switcheroo, because we’re just so trained to shampoo first and then condition,” Teigen said. “Then you realize that it really does make so much more sense to do it in the reverse… it seems like you’re washing the weight away when you shampoo after the conditioner. It makes complete sense to me now, honestly.”

The photo of Chrissy in a tweet by People looks different because they’re behind-the-scenes photos of when “we were throwing it back to those days of doing crazy things to achieve .. volume in your hair,” she says.

The photos were pulled from old Teen Choice Awards. It was a time they were channeling Paris [Hilton] and Mandy Moore.

Chrissy Teigen shared a funny story about how she used to use fake Bump-Its.

“You know how they have Bump-Its now and things like that? Basically for [my sister and me] our Bump-It was rolling up a piece of toilet paper and putting it underneath the hair. Of course after maybe an hour …it would start peeking through,” the model revealed.

As for washing and conditioning her hair, Chrissy says she can’t do the “second day” thing at all.

“I have to wash and condition every single day,” Teigen said. “I know a lot of people brag that they don’t have to do that, that dirty texture makes their hair better. But for me, if I go one day, my hair is super heavy, it’s stuck to my head, and plus I just don’t personally feel clean.”

What do you think of Chrissy Teigen’s advice to condition hair before shampooing?

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