Bernie Sanders’ Record On Gun Control Is ‘Very Troubling,” CBC Leader Says

bernie sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ record on gun control is found to be “very troubling” by the Congressional Black Caucus’ political action committee. On Thursday, it endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York, the chairman of the CBC, called out Sanders for his stand on gun control. The Observer reports that Meeks said the Vermont independent’s view on the matter is “very troubling.”

“You go through her record, time and time again, you see she’s been right on the issues important to the African-American community,” Meeks said. “His record on guns is very troubling. Bernie Sanders voted to protect the gun manufacturers. That’s a problem.”

Meeks pointed out that Clinton is working at “getting guns off the street.” He accused Sanders for not being a partner with the CBC.

Sanders voted against significant gun control measures in the 1990s and for a 2005 bill that protected gun manufacturers by giving them immunity from lawsuits if firearms they produced were used illegally. Meeks said Sanders doesn’t have a lot of African-American surrogates on his side at this point. Iowa and New Hampshire are mostly white, and as the primaries move along, Meeks insists it’ll get harder for Sanders to get black voters’ approval. This is one of the issues that Hillary Clinton may have a serious advantage over Bernie Sanders. She has the trust of African-Americans on her side as a whole, going by the polls.

Sanders and Clinton will compete in South Carolina later this month, where the majority of Democrat electorates are black.

According to Mother Jones, Clinton is hoping her record on stricter gun control will influence black voters in South Carolina to put her ahead of the Vermont senator.

Will Bernie Sanders’ “very troubling” record on gun control with blacks hurt him in the upcoming primaries?


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