This Russian All-Terrain Vehicle Might Be The Greatest Thing Ever

While this might not be the best vehicle for your commute to work, vacation with the family or trip to the grocery store, Russia’s SHERP is pretty freakin’ awesome.

The all-terrain vehicle has been making waves (literally) since its introduction last summer. It was created by Russian Alexei Garagashyan, who boasts “over 20 years of experience in ATV (all terrain vehicle) construction”.

While owning a SHERP will set you back about $50,000, in the event of that inevitable Zombie Apocalypse — when the roads all become impassable with broken down vehicles — anyone owning one of these bad boys would have no trouble making that cross-country excursion.

Topping out at about 50 kilometers an hour, a SHERP won’t get you anywhere very fast, but it will get you there thanks to four giant rubber wheels that are over five feet tall — making obstacles like two-foot diameter fallen trees and cement barriers a piece of cake to drive over.

And those ridges on the tires? Yeah, they also serve as paddles because this thing floats and is nearly capsize-proof. Drive on out onto that frozen lake and fall through the ice? Not a problem — the SHERP will make quick work of getting out.


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