Sam Smith Looks Almost Too Skinny In Latest Photo Posted On Instagram


Sam Smith looks “scary skinny” in one of his most recent photos that he posted on Instagram. The 23-year-old singer is seen standing on a balcony in Los Angeles, Radaronline reports.

Smith captioned the image with, “California daze.”

Followers are concerned for Sam Smith over his extreme weight loss. He began losing a lot of weight last year following a diet by nutritionist, Emelia Freer called Eat. Nourish. Glow. The British singer has steadily been getting thinner and thinner over the last 12 months.

With some celebs, once they get on a fitness kick, it get spirals out of control. Is this what’s happening to Smith?

“OMG @samsmithworld you are too skinny!! Stay healthy!!! pls!” one follower commented on Instagram.

“HOW DIFFERENT DOES HE LOOK whaaat,” another wrote.

Some think Sam Smith looks great, however. One said it doesn’t matter if he’s think or thick as long as he’s happy.

Smith said last year that when he saw a photo of himself shirtless on a Sydney beach, he wanted to commit suicide.

“I saw a picture of me on New Year’s Eve topless on a beach in Sydney and it made me want to kill myself,” he said. “I just thought I was huge. I’ve had issues with my weight since I was a kid…My dad became a fitness trainer when I was 12 and he tried to help me, but I’ve always had issues.”

Freer’s book has helped Sam Smith to lose significant weight. He said that the journey has helped him transform his relationship with food. Although he sticks to a strict diet, he has admitted to eating something he’s craving really bad, but explained that he has to keep on to of things to stay fit.

Is Sam Smith getting too thin or is everyone worried about nothing?

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