Assault By Gator? Florida Man Jailed For Tossing Live Alligator Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window In ‘Stupid Prank’


Only in Florida.

One man is likely wishing he hadn’t tossed a gator into a Wendy’s restaurant. Police say Joshua James faces charges of aggravated assault for throwing a live alligator through the drive-thru window at a fast-food eatery in Loxahatchee in Royal Palm Beach, according to a WPTV News report.

Recently, U.S. Marshals arrested James, 23 for allegedly tossing a 3-foot-long gator into a Wendy’s chain back in October. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (or FWC) officials say the man admitted to the shocking behavior that left many startled at the scene.

Apparently, James picked the alligator up from a Southern Boulevard roadway and drove to the local burger joint. Once the worker handed the man a beverage he ordered, he retrieved the gator from the bed of his pickup truck and launched it into the establishment. A police report shows an image of the alligator inside the hamburger unit.

James was booked with aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. On Tuesday, the arrested man appeared before a judge who laid down a strict set of conditions, before granting bond of $6,000.

The so-called gator-tosser cannot enter any Wendy’s; he cannot have any weapon whatsoever; he cannot have any contact with animals other than his mom’s family dog; he must undergo a mental evaluation. Finally, if the court learns the man used alcohol or drugs, he could be arrested and jailed until his charges are resolved in the judicial system.

The man’s mother called her son’s stunt a “stupid prank.” She spoke to local reporters about the alligator tossing after James’ arrest. His parents don’t believe the act was malicious or was intended to hurt anyone inside the Wendy’s site. The mother said her son is a “prankster” and thinks things like this are “funny.”

Reportedly, no one was hurt by the alligator, which was eventually released into a nearby canal.

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