Will Jeanie Buss Fire Her Brother To Improve the Los Angeles Lakers?

Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss has been the boss of the Los Angeles Lakers since the death of her father, Jerry. Rumor has it, she might fire her own brother to refresh the team. Jeanie’s got the good office so it seems she’s the one who’s really in control of things. 

Jim and long-time general manager Mitch Kupchak will be the first to go if the report by Stephen A. Smith is accurate.  

Jerry Buss enlisted Jeanie to run the business side of the team and his son to run the basketball side before his death.  

Jim hired Mike D’Antoni as the Lakers coach instead of Phil Jackson, Jeanie’s long-time romantic partner. The siblings reportedly didn’t speak after that. It’s unknown what the current status of the relationship is. 

The team’s downfall has occurred since Jim became in control of basketball management without the help of his father. 

The team itself is actually under the management of all the Buss children, not just Jeanie, and Jim. All of the children have an equal vote when it comes to decision-making. Jeanie would have to ask her siblings to fire Jim with her. 

While firing family is difficult, Kupchak might be the harder one to let go if Jeanie elects to go that route. He’s been with the team throughout all of their success. Under his leadership, the Lakers saw results pretty much beyond that any sports team has ever seen. Even after Kobe Bryant called for him to be fired during dark times in the franchise, Kupchak kept his job. He’s attracted players like Karl Malone and Gary Payton. 

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