Victoria Beckham Divorce? Former Spice Girl Looking Thin, Stressed Over Failing Marriage?

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham divorce rumors surface every now and again as do rumors about her weight as she is (and always has been) very thin. Now, a report from OK! Magazine marries the gossip, claiming that Mrs. Beckham is looking very tin these days and that her marriage is on the rocks… because why not?

The mag claims that the 41-year-old is under a great deal of stress because of her “crumbling marriage” to soccer star, David Beckham and that she is dropping pounds because of it.

“At this point, they seem sick of each other. He makes snarky quips about their nonexistent sex life, and she says that he’s useless and lazy,” shared a source.

However, Victoria Beckham has always been thin and she doesn’t actually look any more “frail” than she has in the past. And while some tabloids keep circulating this rubbish, Hollywood Life has a different spin on the rumors. The site actually goes against the fodder and has a source that debunks the rumors! This isn’t like Hollywood Life at all as the site usually does a fine job at furthering bogus rumors.

“David and Victoria are most certainly not getting divorced. The fact is they have never been happier and more in love with each other as they continue to raise their four beautiful kids and divide their time between family and work. The only reason people jump to conclusions that they may be going through rough patches is because they do so much traveling alone because of their work commitments,” said an insider.

So, David and Victoria Beckham more than likely aren’t getting a divorce and Victoria is still thin. Let’s talk about more important things, shall we? How about that Spice Girls reunion? Check out the video below for more!


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