Is J.J. Watt On Tinder?

J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt hit up the Super Bowl festivities on the weekend to accept his Defensive Player of the Year award. Since it was Super Bowl weekend, it was interview time for Watt. It seems that despite winning the award and being one of the most eligible bachelor’s on the planet, the Houston Texan still uses the Tinder dating app to find “dates.” 

During an interview with Players’ Tribune, Watt was asked several different questions about random things. He was asked to answer the questions with the first thing that pops into his head. 

When it came to a Tinder question, Watt got a little shy. 

Maybe the first thought he had about Tinder wasn’t a PG one. 

Athletes love Tinder. In a three-sport city, a gal can easily get matched with two or three athletes in a week. The Super Bowl must have been a Tinder madhouse. 

Watt recently joined Snapchat where he snapped a photo of his bed in a log cabin upon returning home from receiving his award. It’s definitely big enough for two. 

JJ Watt

While Watt was shy about Tinder, he spoke his mind while accepting his third DPOY award.

At the 2015 Defensive Player of the Year award at Saturday’s NFL Honors ceremony, Watt said: 

 “I was a 2-star recruit coming out and now I have three (Defensive Player of the Year) awards,” Watt said after accepting the award. “So … screw all of you guys for doubting me.”

Watt is normally the most graceful guy on the planet so the final note of his speech was a little out of character for the man who plays football with little kids during his pre-game warmup. 

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