Details About Super Bowl MVP Von Miller’s Post-Game Partying: ‘F*ck Disney World, I’m Hitting Up The Strip Joint’

Von Miller

Von Miller won Super Bowl MVP and then celebrated it like a VIP. 

When Miller was asked how he would celebrate the performance that won the Denver Broncos the Super Bowl by CBS’s Tracy Wolfson after the game, he was open and honest. And, definitely not going to Disney World like one of the other Denver players.

“F*ck Disney World, I’m hitting up the strip joint,” he yelled into the microphone. When asked which club he’ll be visiting, the Broncos linebacker told Wolfson, “All of them. I’ve got plenty of bills to spend on plenty of women. Too much to spend at just one club.”

It’s a good night for the working girls of San Francisco. 

On Miller’s journey to the locker room, cameras caught the outside linebacker giving Peyton Manning a pat on the backside while whispering into his ear, “Your first dance tonight is on me, Sheriff.”

The Grand nightclub hosted Miller later in the evening for the victory party. He partied with several members of the Broncos including Aqib Talib. Miller hung out with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne as Wayne performed. 

Sources told TMZ that the party got so insane the fire department had to shut it down. 

Even the day after, Miller says the party hasn’t stopped. 


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