Daniel Bryan Will Announce His Retirement On RAW

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan announced on Twitter that he will retire from the WWE Monday night on Raw. 

There is always the chance that Bryan’s retirement is part of a storyline and not actually real. 

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com reports that Bryan “did give notice [to WWE] and was told he did not have the right to give notice.”

Meltzer says that Bryan was not allowed to give notice to WWE. His contract has been frozen due to his injury. It’s a provision in wrestlers legal contracts with the WWE, which helps the company make up lost time when a talent is injured.  

Bryan suffered a concussion in early 2015. He was cleared by doctors to return to work but he was unable to be cleared by the WWE and Dr. Joseph Maroon.

It’s been reported that the WWE told Bryan that he was not going to be cleared

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