Angelina Jolie Tattoos: Actress Adds Three New Ink Markings To Her Back

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie now has 20 tattoos on her body after getting some new ink on her back. According to People Magazine, the actress debuted her new tattoos while filming First They Killed My Father in Cambodia over the weekend. The mag went on to discuss what the new markings actually stand for, as all of Jolie’s tattoos are symbolic in some way.

“The designs appeared to be in the yantra (or sak yant) tattoo style, a traditional Buddhist form of body art that originated in Southeast Asia. A source confirmed that Jolie did indeed get three new tattoos and that they are Buddhist blessings for peace, love, and a prosperous life. However, it is unclear if they were technically yantra tattoos or simply in that style,” reports People Magazine.

Angelina Jolie hasn’t said anything about her new tattoos and she probably won’t. While the media has done a fine job at trying to decipher all of Jolie’s ink markings, she gets these tatts for herself and doesn’t care very much what anyone else thinks of her decisions.

And her husband, Brad Pitt, is also a fan of meaningful tattoos. According to Woman’s Day, Pitt actually got a matching Buddhist tattoo added to his body. The same ink was used to complete both tattoos, which “binds” a husband and wife spiritually according to the Buddhist culture.

“Not to be outdone, her husband Brad, 52, had a Buddhist symbol tattooed onto the left side of his stomach, underneath a Bob Dylan lyric from his song When The Deal Goes Down that reads ‘We live, we die, we know not why, but I’ll be with you’ – which is believed to have been traced from Angelina’s handwriting,” reports Woman’s Day.

What do you think of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new tatts?

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