An election with no ‘real’ choice

Donald Trump's hair: About as predictable as Campaign 2016

Donald Trump’s hair: About as predictable as Campaign 2016

Current polls show Republican Presidential wannabe Donald Trump winning handily in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The same polls say Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton with no problem.

Polls, of course, can be wrong and in the history of New Hamphire’s political primary, polls have made some incredibly erroneous predictions.

Sadly, those who actually vote on Tuesday have no real choice when it comes voting for a Presidential nominee.

There isn’t a “winner” among the group.  Leader?  Nope, not part of the package offered by Republicans or Democrats.

Voters do have a choice of the normally absurd (as in “establishment”) or the extreme absurd fringe (as in Donald Trump and/or Ted Cruz on the Republican side or Bernie Sanders for the Democrats).

Consider the “reality” (if such a thing exists in today’s political environment) of Campaign 2016.

Political pundits says a self-declared socialist like Bernie Sanders appeals to younger voters who didn’t live through the Cold War and who, for all practical purposes, are dumb as a stump when it comes to what does, or does not, make a good candidate for President.

For those who should remember the Cold War days and the fear mongering of Sen. Joe McCarthy should run like hell from the likes of Texas Sen, Ted Cruz whose politics of hate, fear, bigotry and intolerance exceeds the already high levels of such objectionable behavior of the Republican Party.

Cruz and front-runner Donald Trump bring new levels of despicable behavior to the already sordid environment of the GOP.   Both candidates are dregs of society and bring rapid support from the uneducated,, uninformed and unpleasant fringes of the American electorate.

Which then leaves us with the purported “establishment” of both parties:  Republicans like Wonderboy Marco Rubio, Bushite retread Jeb Bush, “my voice is loud and my belly is fat” Chris Christie and “I’m not sure how I got here” John Kasich; and, for the Democrats, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose single most memorable achievement when her husband, Bill, serviced women willing to spread their legs or open their mouths, sometimes in the Oval Offie, claimed she didn’t know such things were going on.

A sad lot.

And even sadder, is the realization that one of these losers will be declared a winner in November.


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