Los Angeles Plane Collision Update: Search For Survivors Continues After Two Planes Plummet Into Ocean Near L.A. Harbor

US Coast Guard Planes Collide California

The search for survivors is ongoing after two planes collided over the ocean near Los Angeles Harbor on Friday afternoon. According to ABC News, the crash happened at approximately 3:30 p.m. PT and there are still dozens of rescue personnel on the scene.

The tail number for one plane was recovered as well as a partial number for the second plane, but by late Friday night, there were no signs of survivors.

KTLA reports that at least one of the planes was a stunt plane and that the area of the crash is popular for flight students, but very little is known about who was on board at the time of the collision.

The planes collided approximately one quarter-mile south of the Angels Gate lighthouse. KTLA states that the that the area is “a popular for flight students” and many planes were in the area at the time of the accident.

Rescue divers and lifeguard boats have been searching waters that are 80 to 90 feet deep. ABC reports that Coast Guard boats and a helicopter with night vision are also on the scene and are now searching for survivors in a 200 square mile area, with a more intensive search planned daylight hours on Saturday.


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