Disturbing Report On Johnny Manziel: Reportedly Assaulted And Threatened To Kill Ex-Girlfriend

Johnny Manziel

The saga of Johnny Football took a major hit on Wednesday when WFAA News in Dallas reported disturbing details on Manziel’s recent involvement in a dispute with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley in Texas last weekend. According to the report by WFAA, Manziel allegedly threatened to kill himself and Crowley by saying “Shut up or I’ll kill us both,” before hitting Crowley “several times,” dragging her by her hair and forcing her into a car. 

Manziel reportedly fled the scene on foot before police arrived and has denied all of the claims made by Crowley in the report, as explained by TMZ Sports:

Also according to WFAA, Crowley told police that she believes Manziel may have been under the influence of drugs during their altercation. 

Last week, ESPN reported that the Cleveland Browns are planning to release Manziel in March. After this newly released information, however, it would surprise very few if Manziel even made it out of February still a member of the Browns organization. At a time where the NFL is coming off a huge PR crisis with the issue of domestic violence, the last thing that any NFL team wants or needs to deal with is one of its players being accused of laying hands on a woman. The whole point of the Browns releasing Manziel in March rather than in February is it will help save them salary cap space. Now that Manziel has been involved in such a serious situation and faces such dark accusations, the Browns may feel it is best for both parties to move on immediately.

The accusations of Manziel assaulting Crowley alone are extremely serious, but the threats Manziel allegedly made to Crowley about killing both of them are beyond disturbing. If Manziel did make these threats, he is clearly mentally unstable and needs serious and immediate help. Since coming into the league and even before that during his sophomore season at Texas AM, Johnny Manziel has been a lightning rod of bad publicity and off-field issues. This latest chapter in the Johnny Manziel saga is by far the most serious out of any of the incidents Manziel has been involved with in the past several years. The court of public opinion already thinks pretty lowly of Johnny Manziel, so no matter what the outcome of this investigation may be, these accusations will likely still linger around his image for a long time. 

It almost seems like Manziel’s two years in the NFL have been more tumultuous and filled with more off-field issues than most athletes endure during their entire careers in professional sports. Every day there is something new with this guy and as former New York Giant Amani Toomer points out, who would really want a guy like this on their roster no matter how desperate their team may be?

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