Burger King Employees Destroy Restaurant After Prank Call

Burger King

Several Burger King employees destroyed the restaurant after a prank phone. None of the workers are facing charges.

Burger King employees busted windows and smashed up the building, which resulted in $35,000 in damages due to someone scaring them into believing their lives were in danger.

6 ABC reports that someone tricked the Burger King employees into vandalizing the restaurant because of a gas leak. Police say someone called the restaurant in Morro Bay to inform them of a gas leak … instructing them to smash all the windows and ventilate the building. One of the employees even used a car to help “ventilate” the building by smashing the vehicle through a large window.

Authorities say whoever made the prank could face felony charges.

The San Luis Opispo Tribune reports that the Morro Bay public safety team included both police and fire departments responding to a possible gas leak at the restaurant. When they arrived, they found the Burger King location at 781 Quintana Road had been badly vandalized. Upon further investigation, they learned there was no gas leak and that employees were led into believing they had to practically demolish the building.

The gas leak investigation is ongoing and no other details are available at this time. People with any information regarding the Burger King incident is asked to help investigators by calling 805-772-6225.

According to The Morro Bay website, it stressed that the fire department will never call a place they suspect has a gas leak to warn people about it.

The site writes: “The City wants to make clear the Fire Department would generally not call a business directly to warn of such an issue. Recorded calls through a ‘Reverse 911’ system may be sent area-wide to notify residents and businesses of major emergencies. For more information on the county “Reverse 911” system, see http://www.slocounty.ca.gov/OES/Reverse911.htm.”

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