‘American Idol’ 2016 Recap: Meet The Top 24–Did Your Favorite Make The Cut?

American Idol 2016-Jennifer, Harry, and Keith

After two intense weeks in Hollywood, the American Idol 2016 contestants found out their Idol fate last night. Judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez saw each individual to give them bad or good news.

For the majority of the American Idol hopefuls, it was the end of the road. For a chosen few, it was the beginning of an even bigger journey. After a two-hour broadcast, American Idol‘s final 51 became a final 24.

The episode started off with Stephany Negrete getting the news about her Idol future. Stephany became the first contestant to make it into the top 24 on American Idol 2016. She was then followed by Shelbie Z, who also made it into the top 24. Unfortunately for Michelle Marie, her time with the series ended last night. Michelle did not make the top 24.

The sixteen-year-old was understandably emotional about the end of her dream, but she took the news with dignity and courage. Soon, Colette Lush, Jessica Cabral, Jessica Clark, Ameet Kanon, and Terrian were also all cut from American Idol.

Mackenzie Bourg became the first boy to make it into the top 24 of Idol 2016. His showcase performance stood out as one of the best ones of the night. The crowd of screaming girls also gave fans a huge hint into who might be an early favorite among the teen viewers.

American Idol 2016-Dalton

Trent Harmon became the next boy to find out his Idol fate. Despite still having mono, he gave another solid performance and joined Idol‘s top 24. Next, Jenna Renae, James VIII, Kory Wheeler, and Adam Lasher all became top 24 American Idol contestants.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell took the long walk to the Idol judges. Harry told her that they debated about her as a contestant. Eventually, the yeses won out and Jeneve became part of the top 24. CJ Johnson gave one of his best performances during the Idol showcase. He joined the other nine who already made it into the top 24.

Despite Idol not showing much of Amelia Eisenhauer during Hollywood week, she also joined the top 24. Lee Jean and Avalon Young also made it into Idol’s top 24. However, Chynna Sherrod, Mary Williams, and Zach Person were cut in this round.

This left Dalton Rapattoni confused and nervous about his fate. He continued his theme of making strange, but exciting song choices by picking “It’s Gonna Be Me” by N’Sync as his showcase song.

Dalton turned it into a slower ballad mixed with pop-rock elements. The judges mentioned his inconsistency as a performer but ultimately decided that they wanted him in the top 24.

Idol-Thomas Stringfellow

Next up to find out their Idol fate was Manny Torres. After his amazing group round performance, Hollywood week proved tough for him. In the end, the judges loved Manny enough to send him into the top 24.

The same was not true for Anatalia Villaranda, Laurel Wright, and Isaac Cole. They all got cut from Idol. Up next was Sonika Vaid, who gave another really pretty vocal performance. During Sonika’s showcase, her overall performing skills got slightly better.
The Idol judges let Sonika know that she also made the top 24 on the show. Olivia Rox, Emily Brooke, and Gianna Isabella joined her in the top 24, but Malie Delgado, Sara Strum, and Jordyn Simone did not make the cut.

Prior to finding out his Idol fate, Thomas Stringfellow became single. His girlfriend of a year decided to end their relationship. Thomas used his heartbreak in his showcase performance. The raw emotions helped propel him into the top 24.

Jenn Blosil gave another really good vocal performance and clearly walked her way into the top 24. Tristan McIntosh also became one of the twelve girls to make it this round. Last night, Christian Eason, Ariel Sprague, Kelsie Watts, and Shevonne Philidor were a few of the last contestants cut.

American Idol 2016-Top 24

This left four contestants remaining, La’Porsha Renae, Lindita, Jordan Sasser, and Kacye Haynes, for the final two spots. The judges asked Jordan and Kacye to enter the room together first. They commented on the boys similarities. For them, Jordan had the slight edge as a performer and joined the top 12 guys.

Lindita and La’Porsha were up next to learn their fate. It was La’Porsha who took the final Idol spot. Next week, the first 12 American Idol contestants perform and five of them get cut.

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