Prostitution Sting Gets Broncos Safety Ryan Murphy Sent Home From Super Bowl 50

Ryan Murphy

As reported by ESPN, Ryan Murphy, a safety on the Denver Broncos practice squad, was detained and questioned by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday night after he and his brother were allegedly part of a prostitution sting just a few miles from the Broncos team hotel. As many may know, Murphy and the rest of the Denver Bronco players are in town for Sunday’s Super Bowl at Levi’s Stadium where they will take on the Carolina Panthers. However, after being involved in this prostitution sting, Murphy will not be standing on the sidelines with the Broncos on Sunday, as he was sent home back to Denver. 

Murphy, a rookie out of Oregon State and originally from the San Francisco Bay-Area, was drafted in the seventh round by the Seattle Seahawks in 2015 but was signed to Denver’s practice squad after missing final cuts with Seattle in September. 

It is basic common sense for an NFL player, especially one on a team’s practice squad, to be on their best behavior during Super Bowl week. The last thing NFL teams, coaches, or management want to deal with in the week leading up to the Super Bowl is any kind of off-field distraction. One little slip up such as this, and it is all of the sudden front page news and your coach, teammates, and management have to answer questions on your behalf of you acting a fool.

It normally takes a full-time starter in the NFL or a stud player to screw up to the point of no return in order to get cut from their team or sent home during Super Bowl week (Aaron Hernandez/Ray Rice-status). Practice squad players, however, have no room for error as they are all dispensable. None of the practice squad players on any team are on the 53-man roster and, therefore, are not eligible to play in the Super Bowl. The only job of a practice squad player until if they get promoted is to take a beating and help the starters and backups on the active roster get better. With that said, if any practice squad player were to create any type of distraction off the field like Ryan Murphy has, then there is absolutely no reason for the Broncos to hold on to him. It’s certainly a harsh lesson for Ryan Murphy to learn, as he was neither arrested or charged with a crime. But it goes to show that NFL teams are all business during Super Bowl week. 

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