Did Kyle Richards Just Admit She Stirs Up Trouble For The Sake Of Ratings?

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the show started, and there hasn’t been one season where she hasn’t been caught up in some drama. She has feuded with her sister, Kim Richards, her former co-star Brandi Glanville and her friend, Lisa Vanderpump. And while she’s feuded with several people, she would never turn her back on Faye Resnick. According to a Twitter reply, Kyle Richards is now admitting that she’s throwing fuel on the fire to get people talking.

“Why are you such a #Sh*tStirer? You keep bringing up #FayeResnick to the 2 people who want nothing to do with her #WhySoMad,” one person wrote to Kyle last night after watching the episode, where Richards is downplaying the drama with her friend. And she had an interesting reply; “well it gives you something to talk about.”

Of course, she’s referring to the Twitter follower and other people, who enjoy talking about the drama on the show. And when people talk about it, the ratings often go up. While she didn’t mention the ratings, it seems like she isn’t sorry about how she’s coming across.

Plus, Kyle Richards had an interesting way of defending Faye Resnick. When Kathryn Edwards told her that she was hurt over being mentioned in a book, and Lisa being hurt by past comments, Richards simply said that it “wasn’t a big deal.” And this was something some people had a huge issue with.

““It wasn’t that big of a deal” idk why you think it’s your place 2 decide people’s feelings 4 them #RHOBH,” another person pointed out, revealing that Kyle has an interesting way of handling drama with her friend Faye.

So, does Kyle Richards cause drama to get people talking? It sounds like fans are seeing a stronger and more determined Kyle this season – love it or hate it.


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