Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa No Longer Feuding: It’s ‘All Positive’, Tweets Rapper

Kanye WEst

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have made amends following an epic Twitter feud. Last week the rapper ranted against Wiz when he misinterpreted a tweet by the singer about marijuana, thinking Wiz was slamming his wife Kim Kardashian.

Then West brought up Wiz’s and his ex-wife Amber Rose’s son, Sebastian. West deleted his rant, but Rose revealed some dirty sexual details about West, whom she dated in the past. She also warned West not to mention her son ever again.

West apologized to Wiz and Rose after realizing he was wrong. Kardashian then posted a photo of herself with Rose alongside the caption, “Tea anyone?” indicating that the feud was over.

Wiz and son Sebastian

Wiz Khalifa

On Tuesday, West confirmed that the conflict was resolved by tweeting:  “Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo (conversation). All positive.”

West also apologized for referencing Sebastian in the rant, tweeting, “God’s dream… Never speak on kids again… all love … all blessings…” 

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