Doctors Can’t Find Baby Inside Woman During C-Section Procedure


Doctors were unable to find a baby inside a woman during an emergency C-section procedure. It’s a frightening thought that’s definitely hard to grasp!

According to PJ Media, Amber Hughes went into labor early at 30 weeks along in her pregnancy. She was warned ahead of time that she might have the baby prematurely after losing her mucus plug at 24 weeks. When it happened, she suffered through 36 hours of hard labor.

Soon doctors realized the baby had an infection and an emergency C-section had to be performed. The problem emerged when they got Hughes in the emergency room … they couldn’t find the baby inside her. There was no crying and Hughes knew something was wrong. As luck would have it, the baby was delivering naturally right when doctors were performing the C-section. The baby – Olly – was found under the sheet after Hughes gave birth.

“For two minutes they had lost my baby,” Hughes recalls. “That is just ludicrous …My body was telling me it was ready and I should have listened to it. I now wear a scar that wasn’t needed, across my tummy. I’m thankful my baby is okay, but we’ll never be able to forget the day the doctors lost our baby.”

Amber is reportedly seeking answers from the hospital. As for baby Olly, he’s healthy.

ABC News published a report in April 2010 about a North Carolina woman who went in for an emergency C-section and no baby was found. It turned out that two doctors believed a woman at Cape Fear Medical Center in Fayetteville had a rare case of pseudocyesis — or a false or hysterical pregnancy.

According to the report, the woman entered the hospital with her husband requesting a C-section. The resident on duty diagnosed the patient as being pregnant and ordered a C-section. As soon as doctors opened the woman’s abdomen up, they noticed she wasn’t pregnant and closed her back up.

The doctors that performed the C-section and didn’t find the baby faced disciplinary action.


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