Detroit Motorist Beating: Former Officer Convicted And Sentenced In Assaulting Black Driver

Detroit motorist beating

A Detroit motorist beating suspect has been convicted in the assault of Floyd Dent. William Melendez was fired from the Inkster Police Department after he was seen on videotape beating a black man on Jan. 28, 2015 during a traffic stop.

Mlive reports that Melendez asked for leniency. He’s been sentenced between 13 months and 10 years in prison. The former police officer recited a poem which reflects the unappreciated nature of police work and apologized to Dent’s family for any “undue hardships.”

The Detroit motorist beating involved Floyd, 58, being pulled out of his car and hit 16 times in the face by Melendez. The victim suffered broken ribs, blood on his brain, and other serious injuries. Melendez, 47, never admitted to the crime – perhaps because his attorney, James Thomas, advised him not to admit any guilt because they intend to appeal the conviction.

“To the community, I am truly sorry that you believe my actions were unjust,” Melendez said in his pre-sentence statement. “Please have faith in your law enforcement officer, for many of them would risk their lives for your’s.”

William Melendez has been in jail since Nov. 19 after a jury decided he was guilty of assault with “intent to inflict great bodily harm less than murder and misconduct while in office.” The jury did find Melendez not guilty of assault by strangulation following the Detroit motorist beating.

Thomas asked the Wayne Circuit Judge s to sentence Melendez to a minimum of 10 months, which is considerably less than the 2-year minimum sentencing guidelines.

The sentence will be reduced by 85 days for time served, according to the report.

The Grio reports that Judge Vonda Evans accused Melendez of using “Dirty Harry” tactics during the Detroit motorist beating incident.

“You utilized your ‘Dirty Harry’ tactics and used excessive force. … The way you denigrated that man was awful,” Evans told Melendez in the courtroom.

Inkster paid $1.4 million to Dent after charges were filed against former police officer William Melendez.

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