Top NBA Reporter Says Kevin Durant Could Leave The Thunder

Kevin Durant

Adrian Wojnarowski knows all the NBA’s secrets and he’s reporting Kevin Durant’s time in Oklahoma City could be over.  

Wojnarowski is the NBA’s top reporter and the centerpiece of Yahoo Sports. The guy is almost never wrong. Wojnarowski says that the Golden State Warriors are Durant’s first choice if he leaves the Thunder. 

The Warriors can’t afford Durant right now nor do they need him. Next season, the NBA’s salary-cap space situation changes. There will be money to burn. 

Durant is determined to win a title. It’s his first priority. The Thunder came close to it in the pre-Warriors era. However, the Warriors are 44 – 4 right now. The Western Conference needs to remodel to pose an actual threat to Golden State’s regime. They are almost unbeatable. 

Durant isn’t close to gone in Oklahoma City. According to Wojnarowski, no decision has been made and he’s not leaning towards any certain team. 

If the Thunder get the sense he’s leaving, then he could be gone via a trade. It mostly depends on if he breaks the Thunder’s heart now or later. If Durant makes up his mind, he might give a heads up to his current team to avoid leaving them with nothing. 

There have been rumbles about the Los Angeles Lakers but Durant is “chasing championships.” Under these rules, the current Lakers don’t stand a chance. 

League sources tell Wojnarowski’s The Vertical that the Los Angeles Clippers will not hesitate to move Blake Griffin and replace him with Durant if the opportunity comes along. Doc Rivers hasn’t commented on whether or not Griffin is available but he is getting calls for his power forward. So far, Griffin’s place is safe. According to the report, the Thunder would resist a sign-and-trade deal until they are sure Durant has no interest in re-signing with them. With that said, bringing Griffin home to Oklahoma might be enticing for the team.

The Clippers don’t know Griffin’s league-mandated punishment for punching out the team’s assistant equipment manager in Toronto a couple weeks ago. If Griffin’s not available until playoff time, the path is clearer. Regardless of what happens with Griffin, Rivers won’t move him unless the deal is very good. 

The Warriors would have to make serious adjustments to add Durant into their mix. A couple of years ago, the team refused a trade for Kevin Love because they believed in their core group. 

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