Bobbi Kristina’s Close Friend Speaks Out For First Time Since Her Death

Bobbi Kristina Brown

A close friend friend of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s is speaking out for the first time since her death.

Mason Whitaker was one of Nick Gordon’s middle school friends … and became good friends with Bobbi Kristina in high school. He lived with the pair for a few years in the Alpharetta, Georgia condominium where Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bath tub. She died 6 months later in hospice at the age of 22.

Whitaker explains that each day is harder to live without Bobbi Kristina. He says there isn’t a day that “goes by that I don’t think about her and the amazing influence she had on my life.”

Bobbi Kristina’s friend tells People that he’s been thinking a lot more about her recently because it was this time last year she was found in the tub.

Whitaker moved in with Brown and Gordon in 2013 before moving out in November 2014. Mason Whitaker talks about how soulful Bobbi Kristina was and how she could turn anyone’s bad day around. He goes on to say that the longer she’s not around, the harder it is.

“It gets harder and harder every day, waking up and it being another day longer that I have not seen her,” Whitaker shares.

Mason Whitaker said Bobbi Kristina loved “The Hunger Games” and they had a whistle inspired by the characters of Katniss Everdeen and Rue. It was Brown and Whitaker’s unique way of letting each other know they were awake and wanted to talk.

“I was watching it just the other day and when that part came on I broke out in tears,” Whitaker said. “I kept doing that whistle in my empty house and just wanted Krissi to whistle back.”

Nick Gordon is embroiled in a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit against the Brown family. His attorneys – Jose Baez and Joe Habachy – explain that Gordon “is continuing to grieve privately.”

“On top of losing the love of his life and his dearest friend, he has been dehumanized by the fictitious allegations made in the civil suit and repeatedly slandered in the press,” the lawyers said in a statement. “Despite all of this, Nick remains strong and is sincerely thankful for the endless love and support he has received from friends and strangers alike.”

Vibe reports that authorities reportedly know Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death, but are withholding information from the public at this time.

Many believe that Nick Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina a lethal cocktail before she was found in unresponsive in the bath tub on January 31, 2016.


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