Tori Spelling Feared Bad Family Pattern Repeating Itself When She Learned She Was Having A Daughter

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling feared repeating a bad family pattern when she learned she having a daughter 7 years ago. In an interview with Lena Dunham, the former “90210” star revealed how nervous she was when she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter.

According to Page Six, Tori Spelling worried that the same dysfunctional relationship she had with her own mother – Candy Spelling – would be present in her relationship with Stella.

Tori calls her relationship with Candy “complicated.” Whenever she asked her father – Aaron Spelling – why her mother treated her the way she did, he said it began with Candy’s own mother.

Aaron would tell his daughter that Candy “had a really bad relationship with her mom. Her mom was like that with her. There was a lot of competition.”

Dunham called Candy Spelling “Mommy Dearest.”

Tori says her relationship with her Stella, 7, is “everything I wanted it to be that I couldn’t have with my mother.”

Candy’s rep responded to Tori Spelling’s claims, saying: “It’s disappointing to see that Lenny would resort to name-calling since, as I understand, it was created to empower and support women. Candy loves and supports her daughter.”

In another section of the interview with Dunham, E! News reports that Tori shared how her daughter freaked out when she learned she had breast implants.

Spelling shared that when her family was taping “True Tori,” Stella overheard how everyone was “obsessed” with her removing her implants since they’d expired and were recalled.

“[Stella] overheard and said, ‘Huh, your boobs aren’t real?’ I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” Tori said. “It was like Santa Claus. I didn’t know what to do.”

Tori Spelling said that her daughter’s world “just shattered” and that the star felt guilty herself for talking about getting her breast implants removed on the show. She said that she “shouldn’t have been talking about that.”

The reality star went on to say that she told Stella everything was fine, but she asked a lot of questions. The young girl was “very mothering” and worried about her mom’s health with expired breast implants.

Tori Spelling is relieved that she has a healthy relationship with her daughter and is glad history didn’t repeat itself in the mother-daughter relationship that she claims once existed with Candy.

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