‘Suits’ Star Rick Hoffman Tells Where Louis’s Loyalties Lie Now


Suits¬†fans know that Louis Litt is the wild card at Pearson Specter Litt. Sometimes he’s out for himself and sometimes he’s saving everyone else. He’s the character we both love to hate, and often wind up loving.

To find out where Louis is aligning himself in Season 5 now that the firm is imperiled by the fraud case against Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Starpulse spoke to Rick Hoffman during our recent set visit in Toronto.

“Louis has grown. As of now Louis is, he’s not the bull in the china shop,” he told us. “If anything, what these last six [episode] do show is that once again he’s evolving and in a ironic way at times, the roles are switched – where you’d think someone is acting off their impulses and their emotions, where Louis can actually be the opposite of that in these episodes.”

That doesn’t mean he won’t once again fight with his colleagues. Asked who Louis will have conflict with in the remainder of the season, Rick said, “Everyone. He always does, but I would say with Harvey, with Jessica, the partners, it puts everyone in a really tough position so it causes some potential heavy decision making. There’s head-butting one way or another, including [with] Rachel and Donna.

“That’s what Suits is all about,” he quipped. “It should be called Head-Butting.”

One great example of that came in this week’s midseason premiere, where Jessica (Gina Torres) believed that Louis was gunning for her job when he was trying to help her save the firm, and ultimately realized she had read him wrong. Does Rick think Louis will ever get to a point where he’s better understood?

“I think he understands himself a little more and I think that helps,” he said, “and sometimes we can’t escape who we are and make those same mistakes. It’s back and forth with him. You think he’s gone two steps forward and then he takes one step back.”

That’s included getting slugged by Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and shattering a coffee table. “I didn’t fall into the glass,” Rick laughed, recalling that pivotal scene from earlier this season. “I wanted to fall into the glass but they were like no. I was like that’s such a lame stunt, it’s so easy. You hear about all these actors doing their own stunts and they wouldn’t even let me fall into a table.

“It was challenging,” he continued. “With a scene like that you just hope you get it the way they want it because it takes a lot. There’s a lot of fighting, but you want there to be some vulnerability in the mix of it, so when you read it you’re like ‘Oh God, how am I going to do it?’ and ultimately, you’re told you did a good job so you take their word for it.”


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