Report: New York Giant DT Jay Bromley Being Accused Of Attempted Rape

Jay Bromley

As first reported by the New York Daily News, New York Giants defensive tackle, Jay Bromley, has been accused of attempting to sexually assault and run over a woman with his vehicle early Saturday morning in Manhattan.

The incident allegedly took place after Bromley, 23, and the accuser spent the night together at a Manhattan hotel room. ABC News reports that following initial physical activity between the two, the accuser reportedly refused to engage in further sexual activity with Bromley. After the woman refused sexual activity with Bromley, he reported left the hotel, but the woman followed him and demanded that he give her a ride home. She climbed on the roof of Bromley’s car, but he kept driving. The woman fell off of Bromley’s car, injuring her leg and knee, according to reports. 

Bromley’s accuser was taken to a local hospital following the incident and was treated for her injuries. The accuser made the allegations of assault and attempted sexual assault against Bromley upon arrival at the hospital. A rape kit was scheduled to be performed on the accuser. The New York Daily News and ESPN have also reported that credit card statements and hotel surveillance have linked Bromley to the scene of the alleged incident. 

The New York Giants released this statement regarding the matter on Saturday afternoon:

“We are aware of the situation and will continue to monitor it. We have notified the league office, per the league’s protocol. We will have no further comment, as we understand this is an ongoing investigation.”

These are some very serious allegations against Jay Bromley. During situations such as these, it is impractical to make assumptions on the matter of possible innocence or guilt. A lot of information has still yet to be released and more evidence needs to be gathered by police/investigators until charges can be filed as police have decided not to charge Bromley with any crime at this time. This status could very well change in the coming days if new evidence is gathered and pending the results of the rape kit issued to the victim. An incident as serious as this needs to be taken off the burner for the time being, as all the facts still are not out and it is unfair to both the victim and Bromley to make any kind of assumption until a full investigation is carried out. 

Bromley, a second-round pick by the Giants in 2014 out of Syracuse, recorded 36 tackles in 16 games played for the team this past season.

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