Mike Epps Files For Divorce Months After Wife Catches Him Flirting With Another Woman On Twitter

Mike Epps

Mike Epps is divorcing his wife of 10 years. The comedian filed papers in Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Mike and Mechelle wed in 2005 and separated last summer. The comedian reportedly wants joint custody of their two daughters, Maddie, 8, and Mariah, 10.

He also has two daughters from a previous relationship.

In August, the comedian flirted on social media with a woman who was definitely not his wife. Then Mechelle commented on that same bit of social media extramarital flirting.

Here’s the conversation from Twitter:

@TheRealMikeEpps: hey

@CeciCitra: lmao hello

@TheRealMikeEpps: are you on ig

@CeciCitra: not anymore. Wasn’t getting the likes I deserve

@TheRealMikeEpps: DM Me

As Starpulse reported previously, “At that point in the conversation when Epps’s wife Mechelle tweeted the both of them a pair of googly eyes. The kind of googly eyes that can only mean one thing: I see you trying to DM this random woman on Twitter and it’s going to make for a very unpleasant conversation when you get home tonight.”

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