Detroit Red Wings Fire A Shot Via Social Media At Sidney Crosby

John Scott

Following John Scott’s second goal at the 2016 NHL AllStar Game, the Detroit Red Wings’ Twitter account tweeted out a subtle shot at one of hockey’s stars in Pittsburgh Penguins captain, Sidney Crosby. The tweet by the Red Wings stated: “John Scott now has more All-Star goals than Sidney Crosby *white girl emoji*.” While the statement of John Scott having more career AllStar Game goals than Crosby may be true, getting that fact out there was not the point of the tweet. Somebody inside the Red Wings organization is obviously still bitter about Sid the Kid hoisting the Cup at Joe Louis Arena in 2009 and took their shot at him. 

Crosby was not even voted to this year’s AllStar Game after his Penguins got out to a very slow start as the Pens are currently on the playoff bubble in the second WildCard spot in the East. Despite Crosby’s and his team’s struggles, Sid the Kid has still amounted 17 goals and 24 assists through the halfway point of the season. John Scott, meanwhile, has accounted 11 career points in nine NHL seasons with multiple different teams and has never won a Stanley Cup. 

Sidney Crosby is the face of today’s NHL and is clearly the best player in the world. John Scott is a goon who should have never been voted into the NHL AllStar Game but was allowed to take part in it due to a major screw up by the NHL on their voting policies. Votes are votes, and the man did win the 2016 ASG MVP award so there is nothing to bash John Scott about. But the Red Wings trying to make John Scott out to be better than Sidney Crosby is semi-laughable. There really isn’t even that much of a bitter rivalry between the Penguins and Red Wings, but whoever tweeted that out about Crosby is obviously just bitter about the 2009 Stanley Cup loss to Pittsburgh. 


The Penguins even helped vote John Scott as the MVP of the 2016 AllStar Game, further making the team of Red Wing interns in charge of the franchise’s Twitter account look like complete buffoons:

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