Sean Lowe Drops Major Hint About Sex Of Baby, Shares New Pics Of Catherine’s Cute Baby Bump

Sean Lowe and Catherine Pregnant Gender

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine will welcome their first baby into the world in just a few months and fans are anxious to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

Although Sean and Catherine haven’t officially revealed the sex of their little one, Sean recently dropped a big hint about Baby Lowe’s gender. His recent Instagram post has fans thinking that the little one is a boy. (Check out new baby bump pics below!)

“He’s here and he’s beautiful!” Sean captioned the photo that shows him holding a sandwich in his arms. It looks like he’s going to be a natural holding the baby once he — or she — arrives.

He’s here and he’s beautiful!

A photo posted by Sean Lowe (@seanloweksu) on Jan 14, 2016 at 1:54pm PST

The couple told E! that they don’t want to know if they are having a Bachelor or Bachelorette, so it looks like Sean is just doing some wishful thinking. He recently wrote in his blog that he is secretly rooting for a boy — but it’s not such a secret now since he shared that with his readers!

“Like most guys, I’m secretly rooting for a boy,” Sean writes,”but I know that if we have a girl, she will have me wrapped around her little finger from day one.”

When is the baby due so fans can find out for sure if it’s a boy or a girl?

When they announced that they were having a baby, she mentioned that she wanted to wait until the first trimester passed to share the good news. According to WetPaint, that means she is probably due in early June, give or take a few weeks.

As far as the hint that Sean dropped about Baby Lowe, the former Bachelor‘s rep tells E! that the couple does not know the gender yet.

“I’m sorry to disappoint,” the rep told E! “but it was a post literally about his sandwich.”

I wish this freeloader would come out and get a job already.

A photo posted by Sean Lowe (@seanloweksu) on Jan 27, 2016 at 3:09pm PST

In less than four months fans will find out for sure, so for now, enjoy that cute baby bump Catherine is sporting. She looks adorable pregnant!

Sometimes I make @catherinegiudici pose for pictures before she leaves the house because why wouldn’t I? I married a babe.

A photo posted by Sean Lowe (@seanloweksu) on Jan 25, 2016 at 7:42am PST

Do you think Sean and Catherine are having a boy or a girl?


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