Wheelchair Lego Unveiled At London Toy Fair Gets Rave Reviews

wheelchair lego

A wheelchair Lego was unveiled at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in London. This one features the company’s first ever adult mini-figurine in the physical aid device.

Brickfans reports that the wheelchair Lego is part of a figurine set of 14 included in the 60134 Fun in the Park. The figurine is a young man in a wheelchair, who also appears to have a service dog.

Lego revealed a similar Lego figurine in July as part of their Community People’s set. Consumers weren’t satisfied because that version was a senior citizen in a wheelchair, which garnered a narrow version of who uses them. Wheelchairs aren’t just for the elderly, or those suffering an injury.

The new Lego figurine boasts a younger individual with a happy life.

Brickset reports that several media sources are raving over the latest Lego wheelchair figurine. It’s pleasing advocates and the media alike. Not only is the figurine a symbol of community inclusion, the service dog brings another element to the Lego family. It reaches greater depths in what society consists of. Many say it’s about time the toy company create something like this.

The Independent writes: “This move by Lego is massive in terms of ending cultural marginalization; it will speak volumes to children, disabled or otherwise, the world over.”

Gizmodo echoed a similar sentiment with this title: “Lego’s First Mini-figure in a Wheelchair is Embarrassingly Overdue.”

Several others praised Lego for the wheelchair figurine.

The wheelchair Lego will go a long ways in helping people with special needs feel more accepted and respected. Advocates hope more debuts like this will keep rolling out.

Is this the start of Lego turning out more figurines that feature disabled or special needs individuals?

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