Michael Phelps Featured In Arizona State’s Free-Throw Distraction

Michael Phelps

18-time Olympic gold medal swimmer and current Tempe, Arizona resident Michael Phelps was the latest person/distraction to be displayed in Arizona State’s “Curtain Of Distraction” on Thursday night against Oregon State. 

Oregon State’s Stephen Thompson Jr. missed both free throw attempts while Phelps helped distract him with the rest of the ASU student body in attendance. While distracting Thompson, Phelps was displayed wearing a gold speedo and was wearing several of his gold medals from the London and Beijing Olympics. 

For those unfamiliar with what they just watched, here is the feat: 

The ASU student section holds up a curtain behind the Sun Devil basket during men’s basketball home games. When the Sun Devils’ opponent goes to shoot a free-throw, just as he is about to shoot the curtain unveils some type of distraction. The distraction that is revealed can range from people dressed up as:



Unicorns Making Out:




God Knows What:

who knows

There are obviously many other examples of distractions that have been displayed from behind the curtain but those four are probably the best ones, as is the bringing out of Olympic legend Michael Phelps. The curtain is a huge attraction amongst the Arizona State student body and seems to work pretty well. Stuff like this is what makes college basketball and all collegiate sports so awesome. The passion, the intensity, and the crowds having fun while being a part of the game. There is nothing like it.  

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