Becca Tilley Says She ‘Cares More’ About ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Than Chris Soules, Prince Farming Reacts

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Chris Soules recently revealed that he’s getting back in the dating scene but it seems that he still has feelings for Becca Tilley, the girl who almost got his final rose on Season 19 of The Bachelor.

And Becca? She’s totally into Ben and recently revealed that wasn’t all that interested in Chris during his season.

Earlier this week, Chris replied to a fan who wondered what he was thinking when Becca was shown on a one-on-one date with Ben Higgins on the most recent episode of the BachelorThis isn’t the first time he’s been asked about the situation since this season and it’s clear that he finds the whole thing a little awkward — especially since he is friends with Ben. 

“It’s a little weird watching ur ex date one of ur buddies,” Chris tweeted to the fan. “But there’s a 1st time 4 everything! I wish them the best.”

Earlier in the month, he appeared via live video on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked briefly about Becca and her decision to return to the show. In the video below, he used the “weird” again when referencing the Becca/Ben situation. He kept smiling, but he seemed hurt that she would go back for another round so soon.

“It’s a little weird,” Chris told Jimmy. “I’m not sure … um … apparently I wasn’t enough. She’s gotta go back for a second round?”

Chris’ season finale was filmed almost a year ago and Becca didn’t seem to be all that broken-hearted that Chris sent her home as the runner-up. She’s even admitted on Ben’s season that “she cares so much more” about Ben than she did for Chris at this point last season. Ouch.

It clear that seeing Becca on the Bachelor is a little difficult for Chris and not a big deal for Becca at all. Many fans saw him falling for Becca during his season and felt that he have picked her over Whitney Bischoff if he thought she was ready for a relationship.

Fortunately, Chris is ready to move on, tweeting earlier this week that he’s looking to find love again — hopefully without cameras rolling.

Fans will see Becca continue on her journey to find love with Ben on Monday nights, but is she really looking to settle down with the 26-year-old software salesman?

Reality Steves spoilers indicate that she won’t even make it to hometowns. However, there’s a good possibility that she didn’t come on the show to become the next Mrs. Higgins — rumor has it that she’s hoping to become the next Bachelorette.

What do you think about the Chris Soules – Becca Tilley situation? Do you think Chris still has feelings for her and is she really interested in Ben or is it all for show?

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