Watch This Spearfisherman Get Outsmarted By A Giant Grouper!

Last November, spearfisherman Grayson Shepard dove a wreck site in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico and while he was tallying up some snapper a few of the larger fish in the area decided they’d let him do the work for them.

Shepard is seen spearing one of the smaller fish in the video above and when he begins to pull it in we see an Atlantic Goliath Grouper pop out from under part of the wreck, intent on stealing a snack from the spearfisherman.

But that wasn’t the only incident involving the giant fish, which can grow up to over eight feet long.

“One of them swallows [his speared snapper] and breaks the line connecting my spearshaft to the gun. I lost that $50 spearshaft,” Grayson says in the description to the above video. “Immediately after the line breaks, an unseen Goliath that had sneaked up behind me eats a fish that was on my stringer and took off with it with me in tow.

“Fortunately I had a grip on my spearband and was able to hang on until he let go.”

Atlantic goliath grouper

That’s a big-ass fish.

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