Farrah Abraham’s Storyline On ‘Teen Mom’ May Be False

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham has always talked about Derek Underwood on Teen Mom, as she lost him before she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia. Farrah speaks fondly of Derek, especially when it comes to her daughter, and it seems like his role in her life is the only positive thing. But it sounds like things are heating up online. Apparently, Derek’s mother isn’t pleased with the way Farrah is talking about her son on Teen Mom.

According to a new report, Farrah Abraham is now feuding with Derek’s mother on social media. Even though Abraham speaks fondly of Derek on Teen Mom, it sounds like things are not rosy when it comes to his mother. His mother, Stormie Clark, decided to tweet Farrah after watching an episode of Teen Mom on MTV.

Stormie was upset that Farrah left her out of the family reunion, which aired on January 18th. She did invite his father and his new wife, but Stormie was very upset with how things unfolded. When Farrah was confronted with the tweets, she accused Derek’s mother of kidnapping Sophia when she was 6 months old, and she proceeded to call Derek’s mother a “pill-popping mom” who “kills people and ruins families!”

Of course, Derek’s family doesn’t have a voice on Teen Mom, as the show is about Farrah and her daughter Sophia. But Twitter is an open space, where anyone can say anything. And it sounds like the happy family that Farrah portrays on the show isn’t like that in real life.

And Farrah Abraham seems to have problems with everyone. On this week’s episode of Teen Mom, Farrah fought with her mother over watching Sophia, and she has repeatedly fought with her father. It seems like Farrah is pushing everyone away around her.

Are you surprised that Farrah Abraham isn’t getting along with Derek’s mother?


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