‘American Idol’ 2016 Recap: Hollywood Hell Week Begins

Idol-Hollywood Week #1

Last week on American Idol 2016, the series closed its tour bus doors forever. The dream for many Idol hopefuls died when the lights went out. However, the journey began for many others. This week, American Idol began its final Hollywood week.

Hollywood week usually presents one of the most exciting parts of the process. We get to see who has the stamina and talent to make it to the live shows. American Idol 2016 began Hollywood week as usual with the ten person line up performances.

This is one of the most lackluster parts of Hollywood week. The American Idol producers tried to add a little bit of character to it this year by giving each line a theme. The themes ranged from people with concerned parents to the casanovas.

The episode also showed some interesting interactions between contestants. Michelle Marie and Kyrsti Jewel bonded over their Idol obsessions. Their story quickly turned from quirky to sad when Kyrsti got cut on her 16th birthday.

Idol viewers learned that Jaci Butler and Dalton Rapattoni have a long history together. They have been playing against one another in battle of the bands for years. The punk rock kids both advanced to group day.

Overall, most of the American Idol 2016 day 1 Hollywood cuts were expected. A few early favorites, such as Melanie Tierce, Kerry Courtney, and Brook Sample left earlier than expected. However, their ten person line up performances justified the judges’ decisions.

A few people really shined on the first day of Hollywood week. A few of those people hadn’t exactly blown us away during their auditions. However, we are starting to see their potential.

Of course early frontrunner La’Porsha Renae gave a solid performance, but she might have a bit of competition from Jessica Cabral, Manny Torres, Jeneve Rose Mitchell and Trent Harmon.

Jessica was one of our favorites in the audition round. Her Hollywood ten person line performance was just as good. We would be surprised if Jessica doesn’t float all the way to the final six.

We liked Manny’s personality but we weren’t sure that he would be a huge threat in the competition. However, his Hollywood week performance showed us a lot more character to his voice and style. We still don’t know if Manny will make the finals. If he does make the top 24, we are also not sure if he will make the best choices for his voice. However, we remain hopeful that he can keep up his momentum.

Jeneve is another contestant we weren’t sure about during her auditions. She seemed a bit too nervous and awkward for the Idol stage. She still seems to have the nervous energy. However, she calmed it down enough to give a really great performance. Jeneve was probably the biggest stand out for us last night.

Trent is one of our early favorites, so we became a little nervous when he mentioned mono. We are still nervous that it might completely stop his Idol dreams. Despite being visibly sick on camera, and emotionally worn out, Trent still managed to give one of the best vocal performances of the episode.

So now we are just crossing our fingers that mono doesn’t stop his Idol dreams.

Which contestants were your favorites during the first day of American Idol 2016 Hollywood week?


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