Album Review: Trevor Moran Shows Great Potential On ‘Alive’

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On an EP, there is little room for error? Why – because it’s a brief snapshot into what an artist can offer. The EP has become popular because it is a preview of what is potentially to come from an artist. On his second EP Alive, beloved teen YouTube personality and recording artist Trevor Moran shows he has plenty to offer as an artist. Alive isn’t transcendent or anything along those lines (can a five-song EP be transcendent), but Moran has things rolling out right.

“Let’s Roll” kicks things off fiercely, with Moran’s feisty attitude translating clear as day from his YouTube channel. In addition to his infectious energy, for a 17-year old, the Californian has an expressive set of pipes on him, perfectly tailored for pop. In regards to the song itself, it’s representative of the time – urban-infused pop with pummeling drums. 

“Got Me Feelin’ Like” keeps the swag rolling, and Moran is NOT on that BS (“Don’t bring the bulls**t around me”). Like the opener, this sounds like a song that a carefree, rebellious teenager would sing that also might appeal to a slightly broader audience (early twenties). 

“I Wanna Fly” is Moran’s more serious, bigger moment. He excels with flying colors, particularly the memorable chorus: “I wanna fly / but I just can’t live without you / yeah you make me cry / but know that I just can’t hurt you / I wanna fly…” The accompanying video raised some eyebrows upon its release, seemingly hinting at Moran’s sexuality days prior to coming out. Moran certainly does spread those wings and flies freely here.

The two remaining songs from Alive keep the album ‘alive and well’ for the most part. Penultimate number “Cold Soul” is the best of the two, rivaling “Let’s Roll” and “I Wanna Fly” for title of the best…on a five-song EP that is! Title track “Alive” is certainly no slouch and worthy of some spins. Again throwing that ‘transcendent’ word around it’s not, but give the kid credit for a well-rounded closing track.

All in all, Alive ends up being a respectable, enjoyable EP. It doesn’t reinvent pop music, but it shows how much potential its teen artist possesses. What’s the next step for Moran? Transforming himself into truly distinct artist. Alive is a good start though.

Favorites: “Let’s Roll” and “I Wanna Fly”


Trevor Moran • Alive (EP) • Gotham Alpha • Release Date: 1.22.16

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