Miami Heat Owner Says LeBron Also Tried To Get His Coach Fired There

LeBron James

There is still a lot of debate regarding whether or not LeBron James got his coach fired last week. 

Raanan Katz, a part-owner of the Miami Heat, believes that LeBron and/or his camp was behind the David Blatt firing. 

Why would Katz think that? Well, he tried to get Erik Spoelstra fired during his time in Miami. 

If first you don’t succeed, try again. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired Blatt on Friday. It was reported that LeBron was surprised and he learned of the firing with the rest of the team. But, that also might not be exactly true. 

TNT analyst David Aldridge says: 

“Blatt’s camp believes that his firing was “1,000 percent LeBron,” as one supporter said over the weekend. There is no question that in the Cavs’ grand scheme of things, James carried, and carries, the hammer.” 

The Cavs immediately hired Tyronn Lue for the head coaching position. It was reported that the pick had LeBron’s endorsement. LeBron would often consult with Lue over Blatt during games. 

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski talked about LeBron’s influence:

“LeBron James and [agent] Rich Paul never had to walk into the GM’s office and demand the firing of the coach. All together, they had the capability of making everyone’s life hell until the deed was done.” 


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