Bullfighter brings baby into ring

Bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordonez Paquirri of Spain performs during the first bullfight of the 2011 season.Image copyright
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Francisco Rivera Ordonez is from a family of bullfighters

A Spanish bullfighter has been criticised online after publishing a picture of himself training while carrying his baby daughter.

Animal rights activists are among those who have called him “irresponsible” and “an idiot”.

Francisco Rivera Ordonez responded: “She is never going to be safer than she is in my arms.”

Other bullfighters have tweeted their support for him, and shown pictures of other children around the animals.

A caption accompanying the photograph, which was uploaded to Instagram on Monday, refers to the episode as the five month old’s “debut”.

Mr Rivera, who is one of the country’s most popular bullfighters, is taking a break from professional fights since he was gored through the stomach by a bull in August 2015.

His father, known across Spain as Paquirri, was gored to death by a bull in 1984, at the age of 36.

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